The meals at Indalo
Park Hotel have high quality


Comedor bufet

Breakfast, lunch and diner

You may choose among a huge variety of dishes to find what you most like in every moment and enjoy an exquisite meal with the best professional service. And don’t forget to enjoy our "show cooking" where you can taste different dishes, prepared every day in front of you. Enjoy also our theme nights: Oriental Night and Catalan Night.

Breakfast 08:00 hr - 10:00 hr.
Lunch: 13:00 hr - 14:00 hr
Diner: First sitting 19:00 hr - 18:45 hr.
Diner: Second sitting: 20:15 hr. - 21:00 hr.


Bar - Terraces and Coctails

The best cocktails

Acogedor bar dónde podrá disfrutar de una gran variedad de bebidas y cócteles. Dispone de una amplia terraza al aire libre cubierta por una cúpula de cristal para protegerles en caso de lluvia. En esta terraza podrá divertirse con numerosos espectáculos y conciertos en directo. I durante todo el día podrá relajarse escuchando música ambiente desde cualquier punto de la terraza y piscina.

Bar: 08:00 hr - 24:00 hr.
Tuesdays and Saturdays: 07:00 hr - 24:00 hr.


Indalo House

Grill Restaurant

Kitchen open all day

Located next to the hotel, on the seafront. It’s a la carte restaurant where you will find a variety of dishes. The speciality are grilled meals. Don’t miss the "Paella a la Brasa" as well as the wide variety of original burgers, we also recommend our Snacks, fresh pasta and homemade pizzas. At night you can have fun with live music and enjoy our delicious cocktails.

Open all day: 08:00 hr - 24:00 hr.
Tuesdays and Saturdays: 07:00 hr - 24:00 hr.


Hotel Indalo Park

Avenida del Mar, nº 19
08398 Sta. Susanna ( Barcelona )
T. ( 00 34 ) 93 767 84 55
F. ( 00 34 ) 93 767 83 85
Hotel Indalo Park: HB-003869
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